Welcome to a whole new playing field.

The LANIER Pro C7200/C7210X Series of
 digital color production systems are designed with industry-leading features
 that open the door to new opportunities and increased profits for today’s
 forward-thinking print service providers.

Engineered to raise the bar on quality

These innovative and affordable digital color production systems empower you with the ability to explore creative applications that capture your audiences’ attention.

  • Option of a 5th Color Station for Clear, White, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink and Invisible Red Toner
  • Oversized print capabilities across a wide-range of substrates
  • Exceptional image quality with 2400 dpi × 4800 dpi resolution
  • Power to incorporate innovative VDP solutions
Product Brochure

Do More with Specialty Media

Offer customers high-value applications with the ability to affordably print on magnetic and synthetic stocks, adhesive, metallic, linen and more.

Finishing You Can Count On

Automated inline finishing options allow you to achieve a professional result and impress customers with faster turn-around times for the even most complex jobs.

Go Big and Get There Faster

Combine oversized printing with 5th color capabilities on a wide range of substrates at speeds up to 95 ppm and go after new customers in need of affordable options for short-run, on-demand custom packaging, book wraps, menus, direct mail and promotional materials.

Plus, with auto-duplexing up to 27.5″ you can count on exceptional registration while you benefit from maximum system uptime and gain an overall increase in productivity and profitability due to reduced labor and waste.

VDP & Personalization

The LANIER Pro C7200/C7210X Series has the power and sophistication to integrate with today’s powerful VDP software packages to elevate your services and make your printed pieces more valuable.

Cut through the clutter with personalized communications and multi-channel marketing campaigns. New area for your business? Talk with our Production Print Specialist and let our experts guide you to the right VDP solutions for your business. Utilize our implementation services to get you started on the path to success.

Deliver outstanding images with advanced technologies.

Produce exceptional, high-quality print jobs that exceed customer expectations.

Superior Color and Image Quality

Exceed expectations with advanced technologies that provide high-quality image reproduction, precise color matching and accurate front-to-back registration page after page, and job after job.

PxP-EQ Toner Technology

PxP-EQ Toner Technology

Accurately reproduce an expanded range of colors, move work from offset to digital, and gain more business.

LANIER proprietary PxP-EQ chemical toner spreads evenly, improving color density and saturation to deliver brilliant quality color, while using a minimal amount of toner. The PxP-EQ chemical toner also melts at a lower temperature using less energy in the process, which leads to a reduction in operating costs.

Create new opportunities in image driven industries such as retail, hospitality, and the arts with 2400 × 4800 dpi image resolution.

The revolutionary VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) laser beam technology emits 40 laser beams simultaneously resulting in 2400 × 4800 dpi image resolution. This powerful technology minimizes color shift and raises the bar on print quality with crisp text, fine lines, and realistic image reproduction.

Active Toner Density Control and Liquid Cooling Technology

Produce consistent, uniform colors across a wide range of substrates.

LANIER’s technology corrects unevenness, monitors and adjusts toner, and prevents disruption during image output to ultimately provide color stability on every page. This means you can expand the range of jobs you can produce and go after new segments.

Accurate Registration

The Pro C7200/C7210X excels at precise front-to-back registration.

These high-volume powerhouses feature LANIER’s Auto Media Length Feedback System– the technology will automatically adjust the image area to correct for any shift in media shrinkage caused by fusing heat when duplexing. Confidently produce high-value, duplexed jobs including postcards, direct mail, business cards, menus, and more – all of which are ideal for digital printing as they often require smaller runs and quick turnarounds.

Color Management Services

Get expert color and superior support.

Delivering exceptional color helps you build your reputation, and protects your bottom line. Alpha Laser & Imaging assists you with identifying and implementing a color management strategy built around your goals. Learn how to sustain the highest levels of color quality, reduce waste and optimize uptime.

Create a lasting impression with a wide range of creative applications.

Capitalize on the value-add opportunities offered by extraordinary media flexibility.

Oversized Media

Fold-out Direct Mail, Brochures, Posters, Book Wraps, Packaging, and more.

Grow your volume with oversized applications up to 13″ × 49″ at a maximum media weight of 360 gsm. With the LANIER Pro C7200/C7210X Series you have the ability to produce applications that were previously only possible on offset presses. Fold-out direct mail pieces and full-sized tri-fold brochures deliver a high-end look and offer a format to showcase products, services, and brand stories.

Combine oversized printing with the range of heavy weight and textured substrates and you’ll find new clients in need of short-run customized packaging, posters, book wraps, menus, and weekly newsletters. Deliver with digital what was only previously possible on offset.

Reach your productivity and profitability goals

Every investment you make in your business should contribute as much as possible to productivity and profitability. Watch the contributions soar with the innovative LANIER Pro C7210x/C7210sx/C7200e Graphic Arts Edition printers. Exceptional quality, application versatility and inline finishing choices allow you to keep more types of jobs in-house, increase margins and make the most of limited floor space. Commercial printers, print-for-pay businesses and in-plant environments can choose one of several Ricoh or Fiery® controllers, run hybrid workflows and improve overall operational efficiency by using one device for many applications. You’ll realize additional efficiencies and cost reductions thanks to advanced usability features. The 5th Color Station provides nearly unlimited possibilities to add value as you and your customers explore new creative avenues.

Earn customer loyalty and build new revenue streams with superb image quality, an amazing color array and exceptional media flexibility.

Improve operational efficiency and increase production capacity.

Sustain throughput with a system that’s easy to operate.

Lower total cost of print by finishing jobs in-house.

More Shapes and Sizes
Differentiate your business with exceptional image quality and the ability to offer your clients oversized sheet applications and tab inserts.

Oversized Printing

Handle oversized media and create dazzling output that breaks through.

True Tri-fold Brochure

Achieve unsurpassed duplex image quality and precise registration when creating full-size tri-fold brochures.

Tab Dividers

Precise registration and coverage control give you the power to use pre-cut, tabbed materials more easily and cost-effectively than ever.

Targeted Materials
Enhance direct mail and collateral materials with variable data printing to produce affordable, high-value, attention grabbing materials with versioning and personalization.

Direct Mail Postcards

Produce high-volume direct mail with versioning and VDP elements on heavyweight stocks and synthetic substrates.


Offer clients high-impact, dimensional production capabilities at a fraction of the cost of offset

Mini-Folder and Slip Sheets

Create unique product kits with consistent color across stocks, and meet tight customer deadlines for personalized work.

Poly Punch-outs

Take advantage of a wide range of specialty substrates to create innovative and high-value promotional tools.

Tab Dividers

Help your customers drive more sales with eye-catching seasonal marketing displays.

A smarter design provides smarter results

Next-generation digital technology that drives the most impressive workflow and maximizes uptime.

Powerful Speed and Performance
At speeds of up to 95 ppm this reliable and compact powerhouse gives you a robust, maximum monthly volume of 240,000 pages, and monthly duty cycle of 800,000 pages to handle workload spikes.

The Ultimate User Experience

A 17″ Smart Operation Panel elevates these systems to the next level of control, flexibility and usability.

  • Print shop owners can remotely monitor status and operate the system from anywhere at anytime through a smart device.
  • Operators can see a full view of the system in one screen and access the DFE from the control panel which increases efficiencies and streamline workflow.
  • The Android architecture enables swipe functionality for incredible convenience and ease-of-use.

Active Tray Indicator

The Active Tray Indicator Light will illuminate when paper is pulling from a tray. This ensures operators avoid opening a tray in use, reducing the risk of a misfeed. It also allows operators to properly load paper on-the-fly without system interruption. If a misfeed should occur, LED lights positioned on the paper path guide users to its exact location for fast, easy removal, keeping production schedules on track.

System Status Light

The operator call light can be seen from virtually any angle in your print shop, keeping everyone continually informed of system status. Real-time monitoring is yet another way you can improve efficiency and stay ahead of aggressive deadlines.

  • Blue lights indicate printing and data in
  • Yellow notifies when toner is near end
  • Red shows a system error needing operator attention

Advanced TCRU

Maximize uptime and reduce service calls with the intelligent design of Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRUs) included on the LANIER Pro C7200/C7210X Series. Trained users can replace key components including the Fuser Unit and Feed Rollers, keeping the system performing at peak efficiency and ensuring jobs are delivered as scheduled.

Load While Running

This intelligently designed system allows users to load toner and paper on-the-fly and replace the waste, all while the system is in the midst of running a job, with no machine stoppage.

High Speed Full Color Scanning

Scan-to functionality has brought a new standard of convenience to production environments, as electronic document storage and distribution has become an indispensable part of business workflow. Benefits of this feature include:

  • Duplex scanning in one pass up to 220 ppm
  • Supporting print-on demand applications
  • Maintaining and preserving the integrity of original documents by capturing and sending data in full color

To support efficient document sharing, the LANIER Pro C7200/C7210X Series offers an array of electronic distribution capabilities including Scan-to Email, Scan-to USB Drive/SD Card, and Scan-to FTP/SMB.

Fiery Controllers

Discover a better way to manage your print queue and make your business more efficient. Choose from the new EFI Fiery® E-45A, Fiery® E-85A Color Controllers or TotalFlow Print Server R-62A and create end-to-end automated workflows to produce graphic-arts quality output at ultra-fast speeds.

  • Enhance overall productivity
  • Streamline operations
  • Preset print settings
  • Add up to 250 spot-color applications per page and deliver superior image quality
  • Transition from job to job with ease
  • Rip one file while processing another

From heavy weight media to oversized applications, take your business further.

Oversized Media Support

Grow your volume with oversized applications up to 13″ × 27.5″. Benefit from the ability to produce fold-out direct mail pieces and full-sized tri-fold brochures. Deliver a high-end look in a format to showcase products, services, and brand stories. Combine oversized printing with heavy weight and textured substrates and open new revenue streams with clients looking for an affordable solution to produce customized packaging, posters, book wraps, menus, and more. With the LANIER Pro C7200/C7210X, deliver with digital what was previously only possible on offset.

Air Assist Paper Feeding

Air-assisted paper feeding allows you to print on multiple substrates without worrying about jams or overheating. Whether single-sided or duplexed, oversized and heavy coated media (up to 360 gsm) through the Pro C7200/C7210 Series and handle a wider range of jobs and applications with ease.

Sonar Double-Feed Detection

Sonar sensors within the Media Registration Unit are designed to detect a double-feed and ensure sure the paper runs correctly through the system. This capability allow for more flexible handling of various types of media such as heavy weight media, which typically is difficult to handle via transmitted light type.

Enhanced Paper Library

Maintain consistency at all times. The system comes equipped with an intuitive paper library that allows you to select a stock directly from the panel and the system automatically adjusts internal settings to deliver precise output based on media type. Reduce setup time and waste. Achieve repeatable results quickly.

Media Identification Unit

Take the guesswork out of media setup. The Media Identification Unit will display paper size, stock type and other key details. It then associates the media weight automatically with the closest available match in the paper library. Not only does this reduce waste, but also it ensures an error-free run, regardless of operator.

Best-in-Class Media Handling and Configuration Options

Increase the diversity of your job offerings with the ability to print up to 360 gsm duplex, the options to run oversized sheets, specialty substrates, and colored media, and support for envelopes. Depending on the configuration, the system can run uncoated media up to 13″ × 49″ or coated media up to 13″ × 27.5″. Optional paper trays include the Vacuum Feed LCT RT5120, Friction Feed LCT RT5110, Multi Bypass Tray BY5020, and Oversize Sheet Tray Type S9. Review the options below and design a system to best meet your application needs.

Option 1: Friction Feed RT5110 + Multi Bypass Tray BY5020 +
 Oversize Sheet Tray Type S9

  • Enables the system to run uncoated media in sizes up to 13″ × 49.6″ and weights
 up to 220 gsm. Oversized media must run through the Multi Bypass Tray.
  • With this configuration, you can also run coated media in sizes up to 13″ × 19.2″ and weights up to 300 gsm.
  • Note: You cannot run clear or colored media with this configuration.

Option 2: Vacuum Feed LCT RT5120 + Vacuum Feed Oversize Sheet Tray Type S9

  • Enables the system to run coated and uncoated media in sizes up to 13″ × 27.5″ and weights up to 300 gsm.
  • With this configuration, you can also run clear and colored media in sizes up to 13″ × 19.2″ and weights up to 360 gsm. Clear or colored media cannot be finished inline (i.e. staple, hole punch, fold).
  • Clear and colored media runs through the paper trays of the Vacuum Feed LCT RT5120 and the oversized media must run through the Vacuum Feed Oversize Sheet Tray Type S9.
  • Up to 3 Vacuum Feed LCTs can be connected to the system. Bridge Unit BU5010 must be added between each LCT.

Option 3: Vacuum Feed LCT RT5120 + Multi Bypass Tray BY5020 + Multi Bypass Attachment Kit Type S9 + Oversize Sheet Tray Type S9

  • Enables the system to run uncoated media in sizes up to 13″ × 49″ and weights up to 220 gsm.
  • With this configuration, you can also run clear and colored media in sizes up to 13″ × 19.2″ and weights up to 360 gsm through the paper trays of the Vacuum Feed LCT RT5120. Clear or colored media cannot be finished inline (i.e. staple, hole punch, fold).
  • Clear and colored media runs through the paper trays of the Vacuum Feed LCT RT5120 and the oversized media must run through the Multi Bypass Tray.
  • Up to 3 Vacuum Feed LCTs can be connected to the system. Bridge Unit BU5010 must be added between each LCT.

Finish Strong.

SR5050 3,000-Sheet Finisher

Keep things neat, organized, and moving. The 3,000-Sheet Finisher SR5050 staples up to 100 sheets at-a-time, at sizes up to 13″ × 19.2″. The feature offers multi-position stapling and supports an optional Hole Punch Unit with two and three hole-punch options.

SR5060 2,500-Sheet Booklet Finisher

The 2,500-Sheet Booklet Finisher SR5060 allows you to create saddle-stitched booklets up to 20 sheets with ease. Combine this impressive feature with an optional Trimmer Unit (TR5040) and Hole Punch Unit for specialty projects. The Booklet Finisher also includes a conveyor belt, pushing the finished product off the output tray and into a storage container, with minimal supervision.

SK5040 High Capacity Stacker

Run your operation at full capacity and without clutter or job slowdowns. The optional High Capacity Stacker SK5040 supports paper sizes up to 13″ × 19.2″ and has a 5,000-sheet capacity. A rollaway cart makes transporting heavy output quick and easy. Configure the system with one or two stacker units to best meet the needs of your workflow.

FD5020 Multi-Folding Unit

The Multi-Folding Unit FD5020 allows you to offer your customers multiple folding options and meet more of their marketing needs. Execute up to six professional folding patterns inline, including Half-Fold, Tri-Fold, Gate-Fold, Double Parallel, and Z-Fold.

CI5030 Cover Interposer

The Cover Interposer CI5030 allows you to feed pre-printed covers and inserts into the finishing workflow more easily. Eliminate time-consuming offline manual insertion, reduce wear and tear on originals, and produce front and back covers with speed and efficiency.

RB5020 Ring Binder

Produce finished ring-bound booklets inline with the Ring Binder RB5020. Automatically collate, hole-punch, insert and close rings for up to 100-sheet documents with no manual intervention, reducing labor costs and minimizing errors.

GB5010 Perfect Binder

Produce glue-bound, wrap around books of up to 200-sheets with covers and weights of up to 300 gsm with the Perfect Binder GB5010. This inline finishing option is ideal for catalogs, course books, small magazines, directories, and more. It offers a trimming function that creates clean edges on all three open sides for the most professional delivery.

GBC StreamPunch Ultra

The GBC StreamPunch Ultra combines printing, punching, and collating into one step, all inline, to streamline workflow and dramatically reduce labor costs. This next generation system offers a range of die-sets, provides the capability to “Double Punch” for two-up sheet processing, and supports variable sheet sizes and tab processing. The informative GUI display allows users to easily initiate actions and will prompt if adjustments are needed.

Features include:

  • Tab Punching
  • Enables Inline Printing, Punching, and Collating
  • “Double Punch” Capability
  • Enhanced Line Speeds
  • Expanded Media Gamut
  • Variable Sheet Sizes
  • Adjustable Backage
  • Die Set Detection

Plockmatic PBM 350/500 Booklet System

The Plockmatic PBM 350/500 is a productivity-enhancing booklet making system that can be used either inline or offline to expand the range of professionally finished booklets that can be completed in-house. Both models can be configured with a Book Fold Module, Cover Feeder, Rotate Crease Trim, and Face Trimmer for the most precisely finished booklets.

Plockmatic 35-sheet Booklet Maker (PBM350): Staple and fold up to 35 sheets creating 140-page booklets.

Plockmatic 50-sheet Booklet Maker (PBM500): Staple and fold up to 50 sheets creating 200-page booklets.

System options include:

  • Book Fold Module
  • Cover Feeder
  • Rotate Crease Trim
  • Face Trimmer

Buffer Pass Unit Type S9

The Buffer Pass Unit Type S9 is recommended for print shops that frequently produce long runs with heavy coverage on uncoated media. It cools the printed sheet prior to entering a finishing unit, which minimizes toner blocking on stacked, coated paper.

Decurl Unit DU5060

The Paper Decurl Unit DU5060 is ideal for professional print environments that frequently produce jobs with high toner coverage on thin paper and paper with long grain. This significantly reduces the natural curl that can occur, delivering sheets with optimal flatness.

RPIP Interface Port Type S3

The RPIP Interface Port Type S3 is an innovative finishing device that enables the inline connectivity of a LANIER Pro C7200/C7210X Series system with select third party finishing peripherals. This powerful solution greatly enhances your workflow, reduces labor time, and maximizes the value of traditional offline finishing equipment.

The finishing options currently available to connect inline are:

  • CP Bourg Booklet Maker BM-e
  • CP Bourg Watkiss PowerSquare™ 224
  • DSF-2000 Sheet Feeder and DBM-350 Booklet Maker

Go ahead. Differentiate yourself.

The LANIER Pro C7200/C7210X with 5th Color capabilities for Clear, White, Neon Yellow and Neon Pink Toner opens up a whole new playing field where new opportunities and increased profits are now within your reach.

Transforming your printing possibilities with 5th color

Add extra value to your print services with 5th color and add impact to your print.

Whether it’s a clear varnish to accentuate designs, white as an undercoat or a security code that can only be seen under ultraviolet light, add impact to your offerings. Lanier’s color range now includes white, clear, neon yellow, neon pink and invisible red. To stretch imaginations, you can also switch the color stations over, to add further impact to your print work. Imagine one job being able to include both white and clear for example.

  • 5th color adds impact, appeal and value to commercial print.
  • Use a clear varnish to add a watermark or accentuate a graphic design.
  • Print a white background directly on colored and translucent media.
  • Invisible red toner can be used for entry level security print applications such as ticketing.
  • White + CMYK can be printed in a single pass enhancing impact on colored media, and increasing productivity.

Go Beyond CMYK

Use white, neon pink and neon yellow toners to simulate metallic printing, match more brand colors and deliver stunning effects. Add a luxury with clear toner on images and create unique patterns for authenticity. Become even more valuable to your customers when you can secure their documents and help reduce counterfeiting with invisible red toner that will only show images and text when under a UV light.

Neon Yellow Toner

Go bold, go bright, and take designs to a new level of excitement

Today’s commercial printers are once again pushing the boundaries and exploring new creative territory with the addition of Neon Yellow Toner to the 5th Color Station lineup. Building on the popularity of White and Clear Toner for these systems, Neon Yellow adds a new dimension to drive growth.

Make a bold statement, create standout effects and add attention-grabbing accents across popular substrates on promotional items and event materials. Neon Yellow expands the color gamut, enhances images, and can be used as a solid, highlight, or graphic color. When combined with other process shades, it can create a neon palette.

Neon Pink Toner

Turn heads with one of the hottest colors in the marketplace

As brands look to cut through the clutter, hot pink has truly become the go-to trend in marketing, packaging, fashion and home accessories. To help our customers capitalize on the demand for standout colors, our products continue to push what’s possible with the addition of Neon Pink Toner for the Ricoh 5th Color Station. In addition to our existing Clear, White and Neon Yellow Toners, this new option helps print service providers offer more choices and capabilities to capture more business across a broad range of clients and categories.

Easy for you to apply, with memorable results for customers

Lanier’s Neon Pink Toner can be applied in a single pass, and requires no additional drying time prior to finishing. The toner is also reflective under UV light which extends the range of applications that can be produced. And with the ability to print Neon Pink across the wide range of substrates these systems accept, such as linen, metallic and synthetic media, the breadth of applications you can create is nearly limitless.

White Toner

White Toner takes your business beyond basic

Use white as a color or apply as a base layer to retain color integrity, simulate metallic printing and achieve dramatic effects on transparencies, adhesives and dark colored media.

For digital Print Service Providers, in particular those with customers and prospects in the restaurant and hospitality industries, White Toner is becoming a true game changer. The ability to print White Toner on clear, colored and metallic media enables a dramatic overall effect and enhances the purity of individual images so that they really stand out.

Invisible Red Toner

Add enhanced security to customer applications with Invisible Red Toner

Print text, codes and images that are only visible to the human eye when placed under a UV light. Invisible red toner is ideal for enhanced security applications including coupons, tickets and promotional materials. Ensure authenticity with this affordable option for short-run, on-demand and personalized applications.

Hidden to the naked eye, and nearly impossible to copy

Invisible red toner can be applied to materials without compromising the integrity of the design or creating a visible distraction from key messaging. While it is virtually impossible to detect with the naked eye, this toner immediately shines brightly under the recommended UV lighting. Because items cannot simply be duplicated, invisible red toner deters reproductions and forgeries.

Clear Toner

Deliver a high-impact statement with Clear Toner

Produce incredibly captivating images and enhance product photography and brand logos on business cards, brochures, tickets and direct mail.

Ironically, clear is the path to vivid.

The gloss effect of the Clear Toner delivers a premium look – quickly, affordably, and all inline. It enables the full richness and vibrancy of photography to come to life and gives logos and product images a luxurious feel that stands out. Plus, with Clear Toner, it’s easier to produce items like gift cards and coupons embedded with unique security patterns and codes.

Achieve Production Success with 5th Color Video Tutorials

These informative videos, complete with on-screen visuals and narration show you how to create files in Adobe® Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and InDesign®, and print using the EFI™ Fiery® Command Workstation®. Watch and learn how you can expand your creativity with these captivating techniques.